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Business & ICT Trends, Applied to Your Organisation

Business & ICT Trends, Applied to Your Organisation

How do you stay up to date nowadays? Which sites do you frequently visit on the web? Do you still read certain magazines? Or do you pay high-end consultants now and then to give you a periodic update, which is outdated in no time? In fact it doesn’t really matter, they all have one thing in common. Everywhere you look new trends pop up and the information overflow is gigantic. You no longer see the wood for the trees.

So how can you deal with this? Do you need to deal with this? And how can you systematically filter this overflow of data to find only the relevant information? These are easy questions to ask, but oh so difficult to answer.

And that is what this website is all about! It is an interactive journey together with you, where we try to demystify – through dialogue and debate – a series of business & ICT Trends and set the rules to apply them to Your organisation.


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