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The evolution from WCM to WEM

Posted on May 6th, 2011 by TimClaes

Topic of the week – The Power of Customer Engagement Management (2nd article)

We already briefly discussed the idea behind Customer Engagement Management in my last blogpost with a clear focus on customer behavior and actively following the customer journey. This is indeed a very hot trend that needs closer attention, on the other hand the scope and the impact of CEM on your organisation is enormeous. So it is a good idea you first narrow it down to WEM – Web Engagement Management. Let’s first try to walk before you start running.

The principles behind WEM are the same as CEM, you need to focus on the customer behavior and you need to follow the customer journey. However the scope is limited to your website(s) and/or webplatform. This allows you to experiment in a more controlled environment, only with your on-line channel.

Let’s start with the ABC of Web Content Management. In the early days this was enough – Authoring, Branding & Control. By doing so you established an online presence – either static or dynamic. However today these are simply the basics to start building upon. And if you stop here, you will create the opposite effect towards your (potential) customers. We call this the “INFORMATION” building block.

So today you also need to focus on content optimization - pushing the right information at the right time to the right customer (sounds familiar, right?) and really embrace the web strategy as an integrated part of your business strategy. You really need to show what you càn, specific to the needs of the customer, by publishing white papers, blogs, customer cases, … You need to build that trust relationship and get the customer engaged. We call this the “EXPERTISE” building block. In WEM you can accomplish the content optimization by using techniques like progressive profiling, personalization, dynamic segmentation & targeting.

These regular expertise updates will result into extra traffic generation and in the end the on-line conversion ratio will increase. Whatever this last may mean for your organisation, it simply depends on your objectives in the first place (e.g. increase loyalty, convert prospect into customers, increase number of named users, …)

If you then also start to include the third building block, the “DIALOGUE” building block, by using the different social media possibilities, by allowing people to comment on articles or by facilitating forums, the interaction with the customer is complete and you are truely mastering the in’s and out’s of Web Engagement Management.


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