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Shift from BI to Performance Management

Posted on April 25th, 2011 by TimClaes

Topic of the week – Shift from Business Intelligence towards Performance Management

Or… how to evolve from multiple tactical initiatives towards a strategic approach?

Business Intelligence remains one of the top priorities for many CEO and CIO. Nevertheless BI still does not deliver the expected results, as it has failed after many years of investment and implementation to become pervasive amongstĀ business users. Gartner estimates that no more than 20% of business users actually use BI proactively.

Organizations face challenges in several areas and the need arises for a strategic framework. This framework exists out of 4 strategic pillars – the information pillar, the strategy pillar, the organisation pillar and the architecture pillar.

The upcoming days I will go in more detail on each one of them and provide tips & trics on how to apply them to your organisation.


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